Masa Community Announcement: Exclusive Whitelist Access to Generative NFT Photography Project REFLECTIONS

2 min readApr 5, 2022


Hello Masa Community Members!

Masa investor and collaborator Jacob Riglin is offering community members access to his latest generative NFT collection “Reflections”, a first of its kind generative photography project that harnesses the serendipity of on-chain mechanics to compose 1,111 unique one of a kind NFTs. Read more about the project and its technology here.

Jacob has been working behind the scenes on an NFT collateralized loan project with Masa since early 2021. Jacob is a photographer, creative director and tech entrepreneur from London, UK. For the past 8 years he has spent most of his time traveling to the far corners of the earth, showcasing his unique and surreal perspective of the earth through photography. Having gained a substantial social following he was an early adopter of NFT technology and has successfully built a following for his thematic travel collections. We’re really excited to share his involvement with the Masa team and offer unprecedented access to his latest project with the Masa community.

More about Reflections and how you can apply:

Reflections is made up of 1111 pieces at a 0.333 mint price. The Masa community will have access to 50 whitelist spots which will provide access to the mint before the public sale.

To have a chance to be selected for the white list, community members must follow this link to a pre-mint page which verifies your Eth holding. In order to apply you must be a member of the Masa Finance Discord Community. There is no limit to the number of members who can register, the 50 whitelist spots will be raffled off at random to those who apply.

Good luck and thanks Jacob for providing us with this opportunity!

The Masa Team