Masa Finance — Open Beta Release

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  • Personal finance management (PFM) — giving individuals a holistic view of their finances and personal wealth across their CeFI and DeFi accounts.
  • Create/edit your profile — In order to be able to start using the app as PFM, you should create an account and provide some personal information about yourself (at this moment we haven’t implemented KYC, this will be done as we move closer towards full release)
  • Connect your bank accounts — This feature is available only to residents from the USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Ireland, and Spain. We are working to add the possibility for residents of all countries around the world to connect their bank accounts. Users will have the possibility to see their bank accounts, balances, and transaction history up to two years back.
  • Connect your crypto accounts — This feature is available to all users regardless of their country of residence. Users will have the possibility to see their crypto accounts, balances, and transaction history up to two years back.
  • Dashboard and accounts pages — Users can see their data aggregated on these two pages. They will get more important during future releases as we add more features for testing.
  • Data Farming — Masa finance wants to reward early adopters from the community for their feedback and the time that they spent during Open Beta testing. This is why we will be enabling Data Farming during the first two months of the Open Beta release.
  • Data Farming will start as a test during the first two weeks of the Open Beta on the 18th of July and run until the 1st of August. This means that we want to test the functionality of point calculations, fix any potential bugs, and make sure that all participants get a fair amount of points. After two weeks, we will delete all Data Farming data from all users. After this period, you will be required to connect your accounts again in order to gain Data Farming points.
  • Data Farming points are awarded based on the number of transactions on each connected account
    - Crypto transactions 1 point per transaction
    - Bank transactions 2 points per transaction
  • Your points from Data Farming will be redeemable for $CORN tokens after the token generation event.
  • The reward pool has allocated 6 million $CORN tokens that will be eligible to be claimed by farmers. Each user will get its share of this pool based on the Data farming points that he/she collected.
  • What is Data Farming all about? We at Masa Finance believe that data shouldn’t be free, and therefore we are kindly asking our community to share its data with us (we are encrypting it, don’t worry), and in return get rewarded for it. We use your data to build machine learning models for credit risk assessment. We do not sell your data and you can delete your account and all of its data at any time by emailing

You can reach us on the following channels:



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