Masa Open Alpha v1.0: January Product Update

Example of Crypto Connected Account Dashboard in Production

It’s been a busy January with Masa’s engineering and product teams moving and grooving in the background. If you haven’t found out already, we launched an Open Alpha and we are accepting users to become borrowers, validators and liquidity providers.

Thanks to everyone who has jumped in and started testing. We couldn’t build amazing products without you! Below is a summary of the latest progress and you can always jump into Discord or Telegram with any questions.

Below is a quick breakdown of the major developments and updates with some screen-grabs of the product fro context:

Signup & onboarding improvements:

  • Plaid supported and non supported sign up flows.
  • Connect your bank accounts for Plaid supported countries
  • Easily connect crypto assets via:
  • Metamask
  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Kraken
  • Trust wallet
Connect Crypto Accounts View

Different dashboards for different roles:

  • Select roles during signup and change roles in settings.
  • Borrower (Default)
  • Validator
  • Each role has its own dashboard which includes:
  • Graph with Bank, Crypto and All chart lines (toggle on/off)
  • Date range picker
  • Latest transactions in selected range
  • Latest connected accounts
  • List of all connected accounts
  • Transaction history per selected account
  • Filter out same type of accounts
  • Export functionality
  • Connect Wallet functionality

Loan requesting updates

  • View in dashboard:
  • Total net worth — live
  • Total crypto assets — live
  • Total assets — live
  • Total debt — live
  • Monthly income — live
  • Screen state if user doesn’t have connected accounts — live
  • Loan purpose — live
  • Request loan — live
  • Wallet balance — live
Example of Validator Dashboard

Validator updates

  • View in dashboard
  • Review loans — live
  • Loan details — live
  • Loan approval — live


The Masa Team

Key resources:

🔥 Notion public product roadmap

🏗️ GitHub profile: our repos are in private until public release

You can reach us on the following channels:









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