Masa Testnet 2.0 Update: Phase 2 Complete, Phase 3 Start

The Masa incentivized testnet will run for around 6–8 months up to mainnet launch. For more information about the program, please visit our developer documentation here.

Testnet 2.0 Phase 1

For those of you who participated in Testnet 2.0 Phase 1, which ran from March 22 to May 31, you will have now received multiple emails from us regarding how to view your tokens within the web app.

You can watch a quick video here to see what you should expect.

In case you missed the emails, you can signup for a Masa account with the email address you used to register for the Testnet 2.0 Phase 1 — you will not immediately see your registered Enode IDs — we run updates every two weeks for new sign-ups. When your account has been updated, you will get an email notifying you that your Enode IDs have been added, and then you will be able to see your registered Enode IDs and your token rewards from Testnet 2.0 Phase 1 within the app.

If you participated in Testnet 2.0 Phase 2, please read below to see when your rewards will be allocated.

You will need to register your Enode ID again in the web app here for Phase 3 rewards after August 4.

Testnet 2.0 Phase 2

Phase 2 of this testnet was even more successful than Phase 1, where we received almost 17,000 node registrations between June 1 and July 31. We thank our node operators for their ongoing support and dedication to Masa!

We will follow the same process as Phase 1 regarding the token rewards for our Node Operators. To reiterate that process, it’s as follows, since we received a high volume of Enode submissions in the incorrect format, we will be contacting those node operators and are giving them until midnight PST on Friday, August 5, to submit their Enode Id in the correct format through the form below. Once that deadline passes, we will no longer accept or include reformatted Enode IDs from our operators. For those Node Operators who submitted their Enode correctly, we will contact you via email with your token total after Friday August 5.

If you have already signed up to the Masa web app, you will see your Phase 2 rewards added over the next two weeks — you will get an email informing you of when they have been added.

We will be accepting registrations for Phase 2 through the Google Form until 8/4; the operators who submitted their enodeID after the 7/31 deadline and before 8/4, will be automatically entered into Testnet 2.0 Phase 2.

You will need to register your Enode ID again in the web appn here for Phase 3 rewards after August 4.

Testnet 2.0 Phase 3

On August 4, Testnet 2.0 Phase 3 will begin! We are NOT following the same process to register your Enode IDs for phase 3 — it has changed, so please read this carefully.

You will need to register all of your Enode IDs for Testnet Phase 3 on our web app here and enter your Enode ID in the Node Operators section. Phase 3 registration will open on August 4th, 2020. Enode IDs will need to be submitted In the following format:


You can watch a quick video here to see how you should register.

If you need help, please go to our Node Operators Discord channel here, and our ambassadors and community will help you out 🤩.

Support us!

If you are an engineer or passionate about blockchain and access to credit, please check out our careers page here or email us at — we would love to hear from you!

Sign up to the masa platform here!


The Masa Team

Key resources:

🔥 Notion public product roadmap

🏗️ GitHub profile: our repos are in private until public release

You can reach us on the following channels:








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