Masa Website Launch, Product Update, and NFT Collateralized Loans

New website and brand launch

As we continue to work towards our first release of Masa v1, we continue to make product releases in line with our public roadmap. This week we launched our new brand and website quietly and under the radar on time on the 1st of September, 2021; if you noticed, thanks for paying attention! This marks another milestone in our march towards our first live credit products, which will make their way onto the platform in Q4 2021.

You can view the new website here. While checking it out, be sure to sign up to be on the waitlist to be eligible for loans and register interest to become a liquidity provider or validator.

Product update

During August, we had a relatively significant setback when Coinbase acquired Zabo, and their service shut down overnight. We used Zabo to link crypto accounts to the personal finance management platform (PFM) on Masa to create our DeFi credit score that blends CeFi data with Cryptocurrency and DeFi data into a unified credit score. We started to build our solution to replace it, which has set back some development milestones internally around two weeks. However, we have begun working with a new company offering the same service as Zabo, Vezgo. Vezgo is built by the team at Wealthica and we are lucky enough to be starting beta testing their new solution on Monday. This will allow us to shift focus and development resources back to the core platform and protocol through September. This new infrastructure will be added to the current beta testing version of the web app this week. It will be available for testing around the middle of September in our beta testing environment.

NFT Collateralized loans

We are pleased to announce that we will be supporting NFT collateralized loans in addition to uncollateralized loans when we launch the Masa protocol in Q4 2021. We are currently working with some top NFT creators to launch an NFT campaign for the community. The campaign will allow the community to own specific NFTs and use them to access NFT collateralized loans on the Masa platform. Please sign up to the waitlist here and join our Telegram group to get updates.

Put any ERC-721 token up as collateral for a loan. If you accept a loan, the loan gets paid out from the lender’s account to you, and your NFT gets locked in the MasaNFT smart contract.

Once you repay the loan the NFT will be transferred back to you. If you don’t pay back the total repayment amount before the due date, the NFT will be transferred to the lender.

Come and join us; we are hiring!

We’re on a mission to make access to credit and wealth creation available to anyone through decentralized finance. The Masa team brings together years of expertise in financial services, credit, machine learning, and blockchain technology. Masa is built by rare people with unique talents. People who want to unlock their potential and maximize their strengths. Bold people. Curious. Truth-seeking. Quirky. Ambitious. People with a mission-driven and performance mindset.

To join us, check out our open roles on Angelist or reach out to us in Telegram. We are looking for engineers, data scientists, community managers, and extraordinary marketers. More positions will be added to Angelist through September.

Our waitlist is open — sign up here. We are looking for beta testers, liquidity providers, developers, validator node operators, and team members (email us at to join us on our journey.

To be the first to have access to 🌽 Masa, you can sign up to our waitlist here.


The 🌽 Masa team

Key resources:

🔥 Notion public product roadmap

🏗️ GitHub profile: our repos are in private until public release

You can reach us on the following channels:








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